How We Work


Sahaya Seva Nidhi, officially registered as Sri Ashwini Hayagreeva Seva Nidhi, is a non-profit organization. We are a Trust registered under the Indian Trust Act, 1882. Sahaya Seva Nidhi is registered u/s 12A of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Sahaya Seva Nidhi was born on August 31st, 2018. The purpose of starting this trust was to act as a catayst between people who need help and people who want to help.

India is a developing country with several social issues plaguing our nation. The Government is putting in efforts to resolve these issues but given the magnitude and scale of the problems, it needs additional infrasturcture to tackle complex situations.

Sahaya Seva Nidhi aims to assist the governmental programs and also create new programs as required. We undertake projects with high social impact resulting in advancement of general public utility. Our focus areas include, but not limited to, Education, Medical Relief, Food, Basic human living and Community building.


Sahaya Seva Nidhi’s mission is to ensure a basic living standard for all beings across the world


A world where people live a wholesome life on an individual level and at a societal level


Create Continuous Impact

Self help not charity

Unity in diversity

Do the right thing

Service is Joy


Step 1
Select a program you wish to support
Step 2
The amount is committed to the program of your choice
Step 3
Partners of the Trust carries out the program
Step 4
Usage of donation is tracked
Step 5
A periodic report is sent to you
Step 6
Receive updates on similar projects on regular basis