Education For All

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Education for the
Girl Child

If you educate a girl, you change her future.
If you educate a woman, you educate her family.
Help them with a chance and they will help
you change the future of India!

Support Vedic

The traditional gurukula system of learning supported a holistic view of personality development in children. Support Vedic gurukulas and protect the heritage of India!

Skill Development

Less of half of students graduating in India are found to be employable as per India Skills Report, 2021.
Help the youth in building relevant skillset to become more employable and eradicate unemployment

Right to basic

Education is a fundamental right to every individual. Making it compulsory and free with help the nation in achieving 100% literacy and eradicate the social issues associated with illiteracy.


"The amount received from the trust helped me pay the fees for the education of my 3 daughters. I am thankful to the trust for helping me in the times of need."
- Chincoli Srinivas

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